TCF is a young company founded in 2010 by David Smeets and Patrick Bellens.

TCF has grown into a global player in the field of event design and event production. We provide highly specialized crew to operate lighting and video sets, 3D mapping , TV shows,  theaters , festivals, etc.

TCF has its own fixed and mobile 3D pre visualization and programming studio. These studios are equipped with the latest hardware and software on the market.

Our services are:

Set design for light, rigging, video, deco,…

3D visualization (3D virtual pre-programming and creation for productions purpose)

Video editing (making of video content)

Pre-production (programming in studio for lights and video)

Project management

On site crew (crew-chief, project-leader,…)

Desk operators (light, video, rigging,…)

As independent production company we receive the best market deals from technical service providers for all kind of equipment.

  • Lammerdries 18A/1
  • 2440, Geel