Soundfield gives you more than sound & light, we give you an experience… A philosophy we live by!

We are in it to satisfy every client, whether it’s for a corporate event, theatre show, exhibition, concert, … 
You name it, we’ve done it! Short cuts, routine and easy answers aren’t our thing though, we’ve relied on our experience and creativity since our first party, in 1989!

Since then, Soundfield has evolved into a specialized firm, which goes above and beyond to exceed your needs and expectations. Why? Because we love what we do, because we are more than sound & light and because we’re Soundfield. No other reasons needed…

So give us a call and discover why our clients choose for us!

Some Facts

  • The world is our playground 
  • Natalia’s shows are Soundfield productions
  • Studio 100, Q-music, VRT, VMM, … are some of our clients
  • Atomveldstraat 8 (bus 5)
  • 9450, Denderhoutem